7th Grade Experiment
by Emma Johnson
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Emma won 1st Place
for her experiment at
The Regional Science Fair

The purpose of this experiment was to determine if soil watered with no fertilizer, synthetic fertilizer or organic fertilizer would affect plant growth over a specific period of time. If garden beans are planted in soil watered with SumaGrow organic fertilizer, which contains native microbes, then optimal plant growth will occur because microbes enhance the soil resulting in an environmentally safe and ideal medium for plant growth.
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Texas Winter Wheat w/ AgriBiotic Microbics with SumaGrowRead More

This comparison test was conducted on 500 acres of Fannin Ranch, north of Dallas, Texas. The field was divided in two, 250 acre sections, and planted with Red Winter Wheat in October, 2011. On one section, AgriBiotic Microbics with SumaGrow was applied shortly after planting in a single application. The other section was treated with two applications of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer.
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Soil Health Shows Significant Improvement Costa Mesa, CaliforniaRead More

There are numerous benefits to using AgriBiotic Microbics with SumaGrow. While most of our success stories focus on increasing yield and reducing or eliminating fertilizer, the attached before and after soil analyses demonstrated significant improvements in the soil’s water efficiency and the nutrients measured in the soil increased from 8% to 91%.
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International Conference for Sustainable AgricultureRead More
The International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture brought the agricultural community from around the world together to address the very real challenges facing agricultural producers and the future of food production.

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